TAO~DANCE Jose Rodríguez

 Dance of the Elements & Power Animals

 “Energy Mystical Spiritual and War Dance”

Jose Rodríguez Tao dance

¿What is it?


Tao~Dance is a system developed by Jose Rodríguez, from an anthropological and therapeutic study of different disciplines and body techniques.

Based on the philosophy of the Tao: Chi Kung (Taoist Yoga), Traditional Chinese Medicine, warrior arts, Animal Kung Fu.

Primitive Dances: in a review of the oldest war dances that have influenced later in each culture to other popular or folkloric dances.

Ancestral journey that takes us across the five continents from Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania to America. Ethnic, traditional and shamanistic, from the most primitives to Contemporary Dance and physical theatre.

Primitive Dances

The energy, movement and showmanship that the ancient warriors, masters and shamans developed from the observation of nature’s cycles and the imitation from real or mythological animals, became a war dance, a training method, a martial style and their totem.


Foundations and Concepts


Chi Kung and Dance of the Elements

It’s the key to training preparation and philosophical basis of the whole system. The Five Taoist Elements Theory: Earth, Fire, Metal, Wood and Water.

War Dance

We mix and play with movements and choreography structures developed by different traditional martial styles: Animal kung fu (Crane, Snake, Tiger, Bear, Monkey, Phoenix, Dragon, etc.). War dances from other cultures like Polynesian (Haka), Amerindian dances, African, etc.


Dance and Movement

We use movements from primitive and ethnic dances, and from contemporary dance, physical theatre and modern body techniques, all components that can enrich the development of that element and power animal and promote both therapeutic and creative aspects.

* Set of guidelines to create later our own archetypal dance.




Practice consists of exercises, stretching, breathing, meditation, steps, choreography and combinations, pair games, Contact Dance and energy massage.


Moving Meditation

With breathing and concentration that act as cohesion of all aspects.

Dance of the Elements and Power Animals

We work each element with associated animals and music that helps us to connect with their energy and emotion, pulse, rhythm and intention.

First we learn the precise movement, steps. Rhythm and choreography are encoded and structured. This prepares us for experiencing later more intensely and freely improvised and free dance.

Expression and imitation from theatricality and invocation of the energy and own emotion of each animal. Connecting with our “power animal” Totem and its archetypes. Creating an avatar that helps us evolve and transcend.

Dance will be some times individual and others group dance with interaction, games, Contact Dance and energy massage.

grullas japonesas


Therapeutic and primal movement. Unlocking the body, joints and all the structure, to channel energy through the meridians, muscle chains and fascial system. Organic dance that stimulates natural movement.

Recognising and developing our internal warrior. Spiritual and peaceful.

Being able to find means to balance both physical and emotional aspects, promoting aptitudes and developing skills.

Discovering the limits of our bodies and being able to get over them with body awareness.

Connecting intensely with our own essence and different aspects that live inside us and in nature itself.

We all have ingredients from the five elements and have the ability to balance, channel or develop the elements we need.

The first thing is to recognize them and through Tao Dance to find the way to develop them.

Games and connection with our “inner child”.

Developing sensitivity and control of energy, through the body, the voice, the look or the intention.

Movement attributes and qualities for each element, providing us: rooting, precision, center, balance, sensitivity, elasticity, strength and determination.

Breathing and visualizations affecting our body, nervous system and emotional state.

Internal organs cleansing through breathing, visualizations and energy of each animal. According to Chinese medicine and increasingly accepted by western medicine, negative emotions accumulate and store in the organs and cause disease. Chi Kung is a tool to clean and transform that energy into its positive side.

Experiencing new aspects of our behaviour.

To express and expand the psychological aspects that are a part of us and help us to face our daily dance of life.

Preparing physically and emotionally in order to experience and enjoy a conscious dance session or group dance.

¿Who is it for?

“Dancers and spiritual warriors”

Anyone who wants a healthy physical, mental, spiritual and funny!! training. Suitable for any age or physical condition.

Interesting for therapists, martial arts practitioners, Tai chi, Yoga, Dance or other physical disciplines.

Creative resources for performing artists, dancers, actors, performer, etc.

As a powerful therapeutic and comprehensive work, as well as an experience of game and fun.

Adapted to both groups of adults or children.

To prepare and unite in biodance, Ecstatic Dance, contact improvisation, aware festivals, dances of the world, Tantra, Yoga, etc. sessions.


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