jose geo           Jose Rodríguez

He is a “peaceful warrior” searching for beauty through martial arts, dance and different disciplines, as a therapeutic and creative spiritual path.

With over 25 years of experience as a teacher and therapist.

Technical books writer and author with seven published works.

Dancer and choreographer.

He creates his own system TAO~DANCE:  Dance of the elements and animals of power. Dances, martial arts, Tao philosophy, therapeutic, mystical movements & conscious dance.

Since he was 7 years old he has learned different martial arts, finding Wu shu / Kung Fu, Chi Kung and Taoists arts.

He received training from internationally renowned teachers, and travelled to Wudang Shan (sacred mountains), centre of Taoists internal arts.

He was also trained as a Holistic Therapist and in several body techniques.

Mystical warrior & ritual dancer who loves music forever.

Animation and dance theater performances.

Contemporary and African Dance dancer and choreographer. Tribal, shamanistic and mystical dances. Ancestral dances and fighting performance.

He practices other disciplines such as Capoeira and Contact-improvisation Dance.

Dj TAÖI ☯️ Jose Rodríguez
Facilitator Tao Ecstatic Dance sessions
5 Elements & Power Animals & Ecstatic Dance

He creates his own system TAO~DANCE: Power animals & 5 Elements Dance, martial arts, Tao philosophy, therapeutic, mystical movements

Open to all styles and trends to create surf sessions from Ethnic, Tribal, Electronic, Techno house, Dub, Global beats, Ambient, Neo folk, Trance, Shamanic & mystical music. From traditional music to metal, classical orchestra, Jazz, contemporary, minimalist, etc., any music that makes us vibrate and travel where you want, free unprejudiced.

Lover Ecstatic Dance conscious


Dj Sessions


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