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Internal Arts. From antiquity to a model and philosophy of life of the XXI century

The essence of the internal arts is mainly finding the human spirit “Center”.

When we talk about “The Internal Arts”, within the scope of the techniques of oriental origin, we want to refer mainly to training methods and martial arts based on the Chi kung or Taoist Yoga.

The Inner Warrior


With a development component and spiritual, peaceful path, focusing on health and long life. Smartly applying inner strength, energy (Chi), biomechanics, rooting and fluency minimal effort to develop and harness the power of contrast. Always defensive.


The Warrior Inside “Mystic” is that part of us that follows a path of personal growth. Helping us to overcome the obstacles that life presents us, flowing and acting with equanimity. Learning from mistakes, humbly. With ethics, charity events and fair values.


However, we can use this concept to describe a broad concept that encompasses a kind of philosophy of life in many ways. From body care, nutrition, mental and behavioral aspects, harmony and respect for nature and others, acts of solidarity and commitment to the global village.

Act and develop at a different pace, devoid of stress and hurry, the act without measure and excess. Internal Word on physical discipline, understanding that the work begins on the inside, strengthening and loosening itself from the anatomical structure to physiological functions, psychological and emotional level. When we heal the inside the outside appears bright and full of life.

Giving more importance to quality in every way than quantity.

We create a healthy body from the inside out. It would be the antithesis of certain sports where only the external appearance or aesthetic care as too much regardless. Eastern concepts that we hear of Yoga, Chi Kung, spiritual dances, internal martial arts, traditional therapies (Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Shiatsu, etc). And in the West today is applied and adapted to our times. Taking advantage of technological advances, modern studies of physical anatomy, pathology, sports science, psychology, etc. contemporary body methods and techniques such as: Pilates, Franklin, Feldenkrais, Rolfing, Mézières, etc. modern manual therapy (osteopathy, cranio-sacral therapy, fasciología, etc.) Dances and contemporary martial arts, many other disciplines that integrate concepts of control, mind and body , health, etc.

If we learn to control our movements from a precision and quality activity, avoid injuries and negative effects of poorly executed exercise.

Meditation in motion. From a body awareness, living the present, using the mind and the breath as a means to unite and balance the interior and exterior. This leads us to a way of understanding the body as a whole.

Without losing the roots but looking to the future present. Evolving, creating, merging and adapting constantly. With an open mind to learn and share. Devoid of fears, attachments and the veils that blind us.

The spiritual path is a way of life, unattached to old religious concepts. Because human development is given by a deeper understanding of ourselves and others knowledge. We are all connected and part of nature, living beings and every particle of the universe.

Jose Rodríguez